The Y valve is 2/3 pressurized leak-tight valve, pneumatically piloted. It can be used either ways for different purposes: It is used for any other tight application having to be leak-tight guaranteed with a Y. The most common utilization of the Y valve is chained for 2 cycles on two different components. A 24V solenoid mounted on the valve and is controlled either from the valve code of the instrument, either from a PLC.

Also the Y valve can be used for having 2 different reference volumes whenever to different components have to be tested on the line. External dump is used to avoid water, oil, dust, particles to reach the ATEQ unit when dumping through the main valve block.

It’s possible to use several Y valves of series to test several parts by only one instrument. The Y valve can also be used for checking calibration of the instrument. In this case, a master calibrated leak will be installed in one of the Y valve output.

ATEQ Y閥 : 特性

• Fluid supported : Air ; Gas (following prior consultation of our technical services department)
• 壓力差 : 0 – 10 bar(附壓縮加壓閥)
• 最大允許壓力: 12 bar
• 溫度範圍 : 0°C to + 55°C
• Control fluid : 清潔、乾燥的空氣
• 最大控制壓力:10 bar
• 最小控制壓力 :4 bar
• 正常控制壓力 :6 bar
• 流量直徑 : 4 mm (Y閥) – 2 mm (微型Y閥)
• 壽命:400萬次
• 尺寸 : 110 x 27 x 190 (Y閥) – 110 x 27 x 117 (微型Y閥)
• 附控制器重量:695克(Y閥)- 450克(迷你Y閥)


ATEQ Y閥 : 規格


    • 重量 : 695 g (Y閥)
      450 g (微型Y閥)
  • 外形

    • 尺寸 : (mm) 110 x 27 x 190 (Y閥) / 110 x 27 x 117 (微型Y閥)
  • 温度

    • 環境 : +0°C to +55°C

ATEQ Y閥 : 選項

Position detection :
The Y valve can have in option a detection of position of the drawer, in order to have the certainty of the movement of the drawer in the valve.
An indicator lights to indicate the position work of the drawer, this indicator is visible by transparency behind the plastic cap on the spring side.

ATEQ Y閥 : 下載手册

有關ATEQ Y閥的詳細信息,包括功能、規格等。